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How We Roll


We have your back.


We keep it real.


We do crazy (projects, not people).


We don’t do meh.


We're mind readers.

When the screener is missing questions or perhaps too leading, we tell you and make suggestions. We don’t over-commit or over-promise on what is feasible, just to leave you scrambling at the 11th hour. When there are project or screener changes, we roll with it and make it happen. When we see an opportunity to share best practices, we speak up. We all succeed when we all succeed.

Trust is everything: In us, in the respondents we’re finding for you, in the process. That’s why we are transparent about daily project progress and screening results. If recruitment isn’t going as anticipated, we provide clear and compelling real-world screening data and dispositions, and never report a problem without possible solutions. We’re match-makers after all, not tap-dancers.

Quick turn-arounds, low incidence, multi-phase or off-the-wall methodologies, challenging B2B or medical targets -- if it can be done, watchLAB can do it.

We’re obsessive about exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for you, ourselves and each other. If a project isn’t spot-on, we take responsibility and make it right.

We anticipate & proactively address your questions and needs. Simple as that.

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